Amie's Anniversary Cake

Oct 19

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Amie's Anniversary Cake

The recipe for the cake and frosting can be found here. When I made Amie's wedding cake and cupcakes last year I made an extra 6" layer cake and a quart of frosting. For the cake I first cooled and then froze the cake layer. The cake was then wrapped in plastic wrap, double wrapped in foil, and then vacuum sealed using my FoodSaver. The frosting was put in a plastic Ball one quart freezer container; a layer of plastic wrap was placed in contact with the frosting before putting the top on the container. The frosting was then frozen and vacuum sealed using the FoodSaver.

I admit that this was mostly an experiment to provide Amie with a surprise anniversary cake from their wedding without them having to be concerned about the details of saving and freezing part of the wedding cake. I felt that freezing the components separately for the anniversary cake might produce better results than assembling the cake and freezing the whole thing.

Remove the cake and frosting from the freezer to defrost on the day before the anniversary date. Place frozen cake and frosting in the fridge to defrost overnight. On anniversary date bring the cake and frosting to room temperature on the countertop for at least two hours; more time is always better. I checked the cake after carefully unwrapping, and it seemed as fresh and moist as the day it was made. The frosting was smooth and creamy, and only needed to be stirred.

Now time to assemble the cake: I started by slicing the cake to make two layers. There was plenty of frosting to generously frost between the layers and the top and sides. The cake was then decorated with silver dragées saved from the wedding cupcakes. I found the entwined hearts topper to use a topper for the special occasion.

The cake turned out wonderfully, and Amie and her new hubby were delighted with the surprise.

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